642-902 ROUTE passed…Now on to TSHOOT

e1_flchrt_layer1I took and passed the CCNP ROUTE exam today with a score of 906/1000. This exam was quite a bit more difficult than SWITCH, I feel. It pretty much comes down to the fact that the topics that are covered have a bit of depth to them, unlike the CCNA level. There was a lot more coverage of some topics than I expected, and much less coverage than I expected of other topics.

In the past couple of weeks, I continued work on my GNS3 ROUTE Comprehensive project. I encountered several mistakes from my original design that required revision. I reached the point where I realized that it wasn’t really helping me study for the ROUTE exam, and that if I continued to work on it, it was going to delay me taking the exam. However, as I was attempting to implement the instructions for the topics I selected, I discovered that my design and instructions had some issues, and I had to exercise some troubleshooting skills. It then occurred to me that perhaps I could complete the project while studying for TSHOOT. I do expect to finish the project and post the results as soon as I feel it is complete.

Since TSHOOT is essentially the application of the topics covered in ROUTE and SWITCH, I expect to be ready to sit for the exam before the end of next month. Then I’ll have my CCNP. After that: CCDP.