SIP Trunking notes posted

My notes for SIP Trunking are now available. Though I read the book purely for the information it contains, it is nice to read a book that isn’t directly certification-related because there is less pressure to commit every detail to memory. This was a really good book and I do feel like I have a little bit more knowledge and perhaps a little clearer picture with regards to SIP trunk offerings from service providers and how they integrate into the network.

Unfortunately, a good portion of the book deals with very large multi-site enterprises, which is currently out of my realm. I’m glad I took the notes that I did because I am sure I’ll be using them for reference over time. The parts of the book that will apply to my situation were very useful. One of the most useful parts of the book was the presentation of actual Cisco IOS configurations for different features.

I already know which provider I’m going to go for if this project is to continue. And thanks to reading this book, I now know of a few important questions to ask them which will indicate what equipment will be needed (such as whether or not they provide any CPE devices).

My next step is to research the Cisco equipment a little more. Phones are no big deal, but the choice of the border element is a little bit tougher. We’ll see what happens 🙂

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