CCNP Switch Lab

With this layout, I’ll be able to cover the majority of the topics on the CCNP Switch exam. Probably the two biggest things I won’t be able to with this equipment are private VLANs and GLBP. But once you know the concepts of private VLANs, it’s really no big deal, and GLBP can be practiced in GNS3. Just for a point of reference, I purchased this equipment about five or six months ago. The 3550s were $85 each and the 2950s were $30. After learning about this equipment last year, I find it absolutely amazing that people will go out and buy unmanaged 16-port 10/100 switches for $60 or more just because it is new when you can get a used 48-port managed switch for $30 on eBay.Switch Blocks