Network Design and Implementation Plan for ALOHA POS System

A couple of months ago, I began work on a network redesign project that initially resulted in a failure due to me not realizing the capabilities of the equipment I was trying to use. After I got that sorted out, I finished the design document and presented it to the owner of the company. The owner was excited about the promise of increased uptime and network resiliency, so I implemented a pilot test at one of the company locations for a month to see how things went. I am happy to report that the network went from needing multiple reboots weekly to not having a single second of downtime during the entire month.

I realize that my network design is considered extremely small, but I thought that I would post it on this site to keep a personal record of my progress as I begin to work with larger networks. I think that perhaps it will be fun to revisit this design in a few years to come.

Of course, I have removed all company-specific information: Aloha Network Design