O’Reilly BGP

I finished reading BGP, which was written in 2002 and published by O’Reilly. It offers a much more thorough understanding of the BGP protocol than what is required for the CCNP Route exam, which is what I was after. I think most people that get into computer networking are exposed to interior routing protocols early on, and are therefore more comfortable with them. Likewise for me, before studying for the CCNP, I was aware of BGP and the overall picture of it, but I hadn’t really had the exposure to it that I needed. This is one of those technologies that’s hard to get exposure to if its not part of your job (which, for me currently, it is not). I think the CCNA curriculum doesn’t even mention BGP, though it is covered lightly in the CCDA.

After reading the official cert guide for Route, I had a general overview of BGP, but I felt like I still wasn’t really getting all the concepts. I viewed the excellent CBTnuggets video series on BGP and it gave me a little bit deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts, but for some reason, I don’t retain information very well just from videos. Video training serves as a reinforcement of the information I learn from textbooks. Reading this book deepened my understanding of BGP and I know it will serve me well on the Route exam — I just need to get a little hands-on practice now in GNS3.

This book complements the last book I read, ISP Essentials, extremely well. Both were published in 2002 and contain some information that’s a little out of date now, but the fundamentals are still there. I highly recommend this book to anyone studying for the CCNP.

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