On to CCNP 642-902 ROUTE…

…or rather, continuing, since I had started studying for it earlier this year, and then paused to take the CCDA. I’ve already posted notes┬áthat I had written by going through the Official Cert Guide earlier.

I think I am going to try something for this exam that may have helped me out on the CCDA. For the CCDA, there are no formal requirements, but they recommend you be familiar with CCNA and CCNP-SWITCH level materials. Essentially, though all the information you truly need is in the CCDA Offical Cert Guide, but having the extra information is helpful and makes the understanding of the material easier.

Likewise, for the CCNP Route exam, I’ve already read through the Official Cert Guide and taken notes on it, but I think that by going even deeper into the material, it will help me understand the exam better and make things easier. For instance, right now I’m reading the CCIE v4 Quick Reference guide, and when I am done with that, I think I might read Jennifer Carroll and Jeff Doyle’s Routing TCP/IP Vol 1 and Vol 2 books. I know it will be beneficial to read these books for the CCIE anyway, so why not get an early start. Though between the two books, nearly 2,000 pages of material are covered, so we’ll see how that actually goes ­čÖé

To further illustrate this idea, when I first went over the BGP material in the Route book, I had a very general idea of what BGP was all about, but I still didn’t really “get it.” Then I discovered the CBTnuggets video on BGP by Jeremy Cioara and it made things much more clear. The content of this video goes above and beyond what is needed for the CCNP Route exam, but because more was presented, it made the CCNP Route-level material seem a little easier.

I’m hoping that by going above and beyond the CCNP on the rest of the topics, it will make the CCNP material seem easier in the end (as well as help prepare me for the future).

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